This blog is a personal sketchbook for ideas and inspirations, questions and musings related to museum research. Comments are welcome, but I mainly use it simply to help myself think.

Currently, I am doing postdoctoral research into museum practice in the intersection of co-collection, curatorship and communication.

The blog has previously served as a log for my PhD research into museums, media and fashion, or ‘Mobile Museology’ as was the title of my dissertation, and before that for my master thesis on online exhibition design.

I hold a PhD degree in museology and design research from University of Copenhagen; an MSc in Digital Design and Communication from IT University of Copenhagen; a BA in Literature, Modern Culture and Design from University of Copenhagen and a BA in Fashion and Textiles from Ravensbourne College, London.

I live in Copenhagen with my husband and two young sons.

Rikke Haller Baggesen, PhD, assistant professor at Roskilde University, Denmark


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 14.32.48

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