Copenhagen Fashion Festival

As part of Copenhagen Fashion Week, the big industry trade fair taking place this week, the fashion council has organised a fashion festival to give the general public a feel of the vibe. Although most events are poorly disguised PR stunts for the local fashion shops and big beauty brands, some have a little more substance.

Designmuseum Denmark, for instance, is hosting a pop up exhibition about sustainable clothing under the heading New Nordic Fashion. The exhibition showcases collections made for the recent NICE design challenge and ‘Zero Waste’ designs by David Andersen.

As a couple of young women I interviewed said (sadly my blog settings don’t allow for video uploads, so I can’t share the vox pop, or the video blog I did remember to do this time – but thank you, Marlin Sofie and Celeste), even if the outfits were somewhat lacking in colour, the information about the horrific waste and pollution of the fashion industry was an eye-opener, and the novel materials were interesting.

So even if the commercial constraints of the context and the quick and dirty nature of the exhibition set up did not allow the museum much space for really addressing the woes of the sartorial world, the exhibition still managed to inspire and educate, if just a little.

The mini interview also revealed that it was the fashion week that drew them to the museum, so from a PR perspective it seems to be a good idea for the museum to team up with the fashion council and be part of various events.

Sustainability, or CSR, was also a theme for another exhibition at Skuespilshuset, and even H&M had jumped on the bandwagon with a display of outfits made from recycled H&M garments. It’s a nice thought, an environmentally savvy and sound fashion industry. But I cannot help thinking that whilst green may be the new black this season, fashions will come and go.

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