Response from a respondent

Interviewing my respondents has been such a cool experience. As expected, demographic homogeneity has not meant a lack of diversity in the group, and I have had a string of interesting conversations and met many different takes on fashion and media.

I get the impression that my respondents like the project too. I hope they do, it’s meant to be fun for them to take part. And I was really happy to see that Tina, a 25 year old design student who I met yesterday, was so into it that she even shared the experience on her blog.

Already, I have collected a rich source of inspiration in the form of voxpops, friendship-book entries, and keywords from the interviews. On top of that, the probe returns are already trickling in. I’m lovin it! It is such a thrill to recieve an MMS from a participant, knowing that right then, someone was engaging in my project, and getting a glimpse into their lifeworld and their perception of the themes I’ve asked them to depict. Their returns are full of surprises and inspiration.

So, in case you’re reading this, Tina, Nanna, Stine, Kia, Cecille, Cecilie, Cecilie or Judi: Thank you so much! It’s great what you do, and it really means a lot. So keep ’em coming, and have fun with it. Looking forward to see what more you’ll come up with and to seeing you all again in the late summer.
Have a nice one till then ❤

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