Quick-guide to mapping, anyone?

Having spent the last couple of months presenting, questioning and shaping/sharpening my project through a series of mostly great PhD-courses, I have to admit that I am now getting a wee bit tired of talking about the project, and very keen to get stuck in. Which is why I’ll skip the probably very useful post reflecting on the courses (for now, at least), and go straight to the problem I’m now facing: how to map the mobile and SNS-offering of museums as well as the multitude of fashion forums, groups, blogs etc.

Its a jungle out there – not in the jungle-law sense (or at least I haven’t come across that as yet) but in the messy, sprawly, buzzing, overwhelming sense. Where do you begin in the tangle that is YouTube embedded in Facebook referenced on Twitter about an app to support an exhibition?

And here I am, armed with an Excell spreadsheet, of which I only know the very basics. Not much of a machete, really. Too angular, demanding of the world that it can be neatly and accurately categorized. Surely not visual enough. Is there some other tool that I should be using? Create boards on Pinterest, set up a wiki, draw mindmaps, go all-out creative with pritstick in a journal? Try a bit of everything to work out what works for me?

Either way, I’ve got to start somewhere, simply collecting information, and hoping that at some point either a pattern will emerge, or I will realise that the process of research and reflection, and not the map, is the important part of this work.

But perhaps somebody out there has created a great overview of the mobile mediation tools currently offered by museums? Or maybe someone has a perfect concept for mapping that I could model mine on? If so, hints are welcome.

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