Etudes, vol I

Still in the first week of my studies for a PhD, I am now in a state of combined excitement and bewilderment. Excitement about having the opportunity to do this project, and about how I have been welcomed into this institution. So now it’s up to me to get it done, and done well – cue bewilderment. Where to start, what to do, how to go about this process? So far, the work I’ve done has been very intangible – searching for PhD courses, trying to get an overview of guidelines and procedures, getting sidetracked into library searches when suddenly remembering a topic or title, rumaging the net for potential out placements… useful orientations, I guess, yet terribly unstructered – or is that so terrible? Although this first stage of the project should also aim to streamline and focus the project, surely there should still be room for curiosity and getting a bit lost.

And hey! Actually doing a blog post, rather than just meaning to do one, must count for something. Even though the opening lines here could indicate a random jumble of ramblings in the weeks or even months to come. But then that is sort of the point of this blog: pinning down questions and inspirations, wondering out loud (albeit discreetly, in writing, on this blog-with-no-readers) why this and not that (or that too?) is interesting, and teasing out the implications of an idea or the resistance of a topic or theory. Not to mention the additional goal of simply starting a good habit of writing (almost) every day (yup, that is the intention, now let’s see how I get on, and whether blogging is the right format for the continued journey).

The game is afoot!

  1. Mette Mathiasen said:

    Defiantly counts for something – you’re on the horse and the ride has begun!

  2. rikkebaggesen said:

    Yiiha! Best thing is that it feels good to start writing. (But you’re sort of spoiling my claim that this is a blog-with-no-readers ;-))

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