Social media @MW2009

Jolly good fun with Gail Durbin of V&A’s presentation on how to get people to engage with your collections using existing social online services. Encouraging people to create aesthetic object such as wrapping paper, stickers, moo-cards or even books from photos taken in the galleries or from the online collections. Also sending postcards, submitting family photos, sharing personal stories and images and make them part of the museum collection.

  1. Susana Tosca said:

    I was thinking about this post that sometimes you dont need high tech to do very innovative interaction. I mean, Durbins idea makes use of “everyday” technologies and seem to combine them in a creative way that can involve people effectively. This is an example of a forward way of thinking that is affordable, and we can contrast it with the idea that advanced digital interaction has to be about moving towards virtual reality or other very expensive developments that require huge investments in design, production and hardware. It reminds me of a discussion in computer games research about a part of the industry being enormously techno-fetichist, thinking that all worthwhile developments will come from better machines, better AI, better graphic cards, more realistic environments; while others experiment with lesser technological means and more interesting ideas.

  2. Isabel said:

    Dear Rikke,

    Totally agree with Susana, I saw the most beautiful and interesting presentation at the conference where I spoke in the US last week. It was about evocative objects and the museum and it really fits with what your posted. I’ll tell you all about it on Thursday when we meet! 😉


  3. rikkebaggesen said:

    Hi Isabel,
    Great that you saw this presentation (by Sherry Turkle, wasn’t it?). Do you know of anywhere that I can acces the paper? I’d actually read about the presentation in a blogpost by Nina Simon, who questions Turkle’s point, and thought this was an interesting thread to follow. As you can see in my most recent ‘Project ethos’ post, this whole discourse on objects, aura and online representation is central to my thesis, so I’m really looking forward to hearing more about it. See you Thursday.

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