Images for the Future @MW2009

Today it’s time for interactions. Just attended a great presentation/mini workshop on a Dutch initiative called Images for the Future; a project concerned with digitization of national archives of sound, visuals and moving images. The project is not only about preservation, however, but has a strong focus on how to distribute the content and making it relevant. Strategies include using channels such as Flickr, applying CC licences and facilitating remixing. One interesting idea was to turn tagging and annotation of videomaterial into a two player game, thereby pulling the public in to help produce metadata for this vast material and getting views in the process.

Perhaps a combination of Flickr and some sort of tagging incentive could be a way for Det Kongelige Bibliotek to engage the public and help metadata production for their huge photographic archive?

The session included a mini workshop for developing a variety of business models for use of the content, very inspiring group collaboration!

  1. Matthew said:

    Images for the Future has the right idea: CC and openness to remixing. A similar project, the Philadelphia City Archive’s new GIS system is exactly the opposite. The information (a collection of historic photos) exists in what should be an easily accessible and relevant format, but unfortunately is kept behind lock and key. Philly completely is missing the point.

  2. rikkebaggesen said:

    Check out Digital NZ too:
    – it’s not all CC; but all national digital content is made available along with a wide variety of widgets and more to encourage users to build search tools and make mash-ups and remixes

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