Good Karma

Better get this blogging thing up to speed as everyone knows that the key to blogging is regular updates. Fortunately now, at last, I’m ready to go, after months of part time planning. My project-description is now awaiting approval from the university, but this should be a formality. So far, everything else has fallen into place beautifully, getting me all excited about the project’s ‘good karma’ (and not just the Facebook kind).
First up, professor Susana Tosca, head of Digital Design and Communication at IT University, agreed to be my tutor, and she has turned out to be every bit as inspiring and pleasant as I had hoped. Secondly, Isabel Froes, interaction designer with sound experience in museum design, has agreed to be my part time tutor, meaning that I will receive top guidance on both the academic and the concept development aspects of my thesis, which is great. And today I had confirmation that Den Sorte Diamant, the cross-cultural exhibition space of the Royal Library in Copenhagen, agree to be part of my project, as case study and sparring partners. Hurrah!
And now to work.

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